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Northern Lights

Theme 1

Northern Lights is an elegant, multipurpose theme crafted with minimal design, yet great attention to content and typography. This theme provides a stunning visual that displays and functions beautifully across all devices and is suitable for any short-stay property business.

Desert Island

Theme 2

Desert Island is a complete theme that easily incorporates complementary promotions and presents your amenities and other property information just so. While this design can be used in any environment, it may lean slightly leans towards summer hotspots.

Silk Road NEW

Theme 3

Silk Road has great attention to design detail and is loaded with transition effects that make for a high-impact visitor experience. Your business and properties are all in center focus. This design projects a confident elegance that is particularly well suited to luxury portfolio.

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Now With Responsive Google Maps

  • Full screen view
  • Responsive map
  • Filter property by criteria
  • Multiple properties per map
  • As many locations as needed
  • Show your properties highlights directly on the map
  • Access property directly from the map

Now With Responsive Google Maps

  • Full screen view
  • Responsive map
  • Filter property by criteria
  • Multiple properties per map
  • As many locations as needed
  • Show your properties highlights directly on the map
  • Access property directly from the map

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We can help!

Every short-stay rental business is different. For those with sufficient budgets, we offer custom design and build websites. These solutions provide all the functionality and integration of our purpose-built themes, but with a design made for you. Our designer will work with you through an iterative process to understand your brand identity and objectives, learn your likes and dislikes, and align with your market strategies. This process ensures you end up with a high impact design is tailored to your needs.

We can help

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange a free consultation?

Simple! Click here to book a free consultation with a member of our team at your convenience or simply email us at info@365villas.com, subject “Website inquiry”

How do I get started?

If you’d like to get started immediately, you can do so by creating a Free Trial account for our Property Management Software (PMS). You’ll be given the option to include your website as part of your trial. If you think you require a custom design and build, please schedule a consultation with us, per the FAQ above.

Which website solution is best for me?

If you want a high-end website that can support a portfolio of any size, but you also need to get up and running quickly and cost-effectively, then our Integrated Agent-Grade Website Themes built on WordPress are an ideal choice.

I want my site to be in WordPress. Can you provide this?

All our themes and custom website solutions are done on WordPress and then fully integrated with our software, providing you with the best of all worlds. WordPress is today’s platform of choice for many agents, partly because of all the different plug-ins that are available with it.

What if I want to own my website?

Our Integrated Agent-Grade Website themes built on WordPress are available either as a subscription service or for purchase. In the case of the latter, you own the site outright and never pay anything further to us to use it, regardless of how much your portfolio grows. You have the option to host and maintain the site yourself, or to have us do it for you for a small annual fee. Our Starter Websites are only available on a subscription basis.

What if I choose the subscription option first and decide to purchase later?

You can do that, but unfortunately, any subscription fees paid would not count towards the purchase price

I want to host my site myself. Is that possible?

Self-hosting is possible if you have purchased your website. All subscription based plans are hosted on 365villas servers.

What happens if I decide later that I just want my website without the software?

In the highly unlikely scenario that were to happen, if you have purchased your site, you do own it outright and would be free to take it with you. If you are on the subscription plan, then the website infrastructure is owned by 365villas and is non-transferrable, unless it is subsequently purchased.

If I keep my existing website or have one built by someone else can I still use 365villas?

Absolutely! You will still have all our powerful software features available to you and be able to insert availability, online booking and other plug-ins on almost any site, free of any additional charge. Ask for a free consultation and one of our team members will take you through all the ins and outs you will want to consider when making your website decisions. He or she will even be happy to offer a review of your current site.

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