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Cloud-based Rental Management Software

Vacation Rental Software

365 has comprehensive software solutions for all aspects of your short-stay rental property business. Whether you’re an individual owner, small portfolio manager or large agent we have a tailored plan for you.

Bolt On Options

Add to any plan

The 365 Booking Engine can integrate with your stand-alone site. It includes an assortment of real-time availability calendars and online booking formats to choose from. Each is configurable and fully mobile responsive. You control color-schemes and placement. (If you plan to have a 365 website, you do not need this option.)

Our mobile responsive Search Engine can be integrated with your stand-alone site together with our Booking Engine. Our search logic is configurable and formats, colors and settings controls are all highly flexible. (If you plan to have a 365 website, you do not need this option.)

Large property managers with modern stand-alone websites, can use our API to protect their investments and bring them to life. Our API enables your developer to implement our logic directly onto your designs, whether it’s calendars, online booking, search engine logic, and property related content such as photos, rates, amenities and policies and more. In addition to the recurring monthly fee, there is a one-time optional assistance fee of $500, which includes 4 hours of developer time for minor coding and/or implementation support.

Automatically apply algorithmic discounts in 365, based on vacancy status versus booking lead-time. If your property is booked, no discounts need apply. If you use the Channel Manager, you’ll be able to push these discounts out to all your channels automatically as they kick in.

Digital Signature enables guests to digitally sign their agreements. 365 instantly notifies you and records the event. Because our Digital Signature is fully integrated, it offers a more seamless user experience for you and your guests than Docusign or any other third-party provider. Like with everything we do, our Digital Signature is purpose-built for the industry.

This module is used exclusively for management of owner monies in individual trust ledgers. It conforms with industry standards and is used to administer and verify at any point in time the total surplus or deficit of an owner’s money on account. In many markets Trust Accounting is a statutory requirement. Even where this is not the case, Trust Accounting can help instil prospective owner client confidence in you and your business.

If you’re too busy to manage your books properly, you’re losing money. If you’re busy because you’re managing them properly, you’re losing business. 365 eliminates this dilemma with a fully integrated suite of tools for managing expenses, cash-flow, taxes, commissions, profit-loss statements and more. Quickbooks and Xero are great generic tools. Either can be used in conjunction with the 365 platform, but neither was purpose-built for the industry like 365’s integrated accounting.

This powerful tool reduces your work and increases conversion. The Auto-responder responds automatically to inbound inquiries from your 365 website and most inquiry-based channels with detailed quotes, personalized emails, custom rental agreements, online payment options and more. Run it 24/7 or just when you are off-line. Why wake up with inquiries to answer, when you can wake up to inquiries answered and booked?

Like the Auto-responder, the chaser reduces your work and increases conversion rates. It sends follow-up messages to inquiring prospects who haven’t responded to quotes you’ve sent. You configure the messaging schedule and number of attempts. Prospects will think it’s you who is personally emailing. Once they respond, the chaser will cease sending them messages.

Implement channel-specific discount campaigns and generate special promotion codes for any needs. Instantly generate informed and precisely targeted campaign lists for use in third-party platforms like MailChimp or execute beautiful campaigns straight from your 365 account using our professional templates and editor tools.

Interchangeably support guests in up to any your six Roman character languages of your choice across all guest-facing tools, including booking and search engines for your websites, email templates and automated messages, quotes, rental agreements and more.

Create and manage individual quotes, bookings, reports and accounting in any currency you wish. Choose between real-time API generated exchange rates or set and fix preferred rates yourself.

Unique Selling Points

Total Solutions Provider

365villas is a tried, tested and respected provider across all of the major solution areas in our industry segment.

This includes Property Management Software (PMS), Booking Engine, Channel Management, Websites, and Payment Solutions.

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Comprehensive Features

365villas solutions provide a depth and breadth of feature functionality and different options to choose from across them all.

We simplify complexity without compromising on performance and each of our solutions is among the most comprehensive of its kind.

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Ease of Use

The 365villas platform is the easiest to use of the leading comprehensive providers in the market giving you more time to grow your business.

Our user interface is modern, fresh and intuitive. Most vacation rental software is either dated and/or has an overly complicated user experience.

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Value for Money

We do not charge start-up fees or transaction fees. There are no hidden costs or surprises. Training and support are free.


Quality of Service

We care about your satisfaction and success. That’s why here at 365vilas we are fanatical about quality of every aspect of our software.

From the code in or solutions, to the security of our servers and the integrity of your data, through to the free training, on-boarding support and ongoing customer care we provide. Reviews you will find of us on the internet will attest to these things.

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We are Enablers

…not controllers. We want to advise and help. We work hard to ensure you our technology empowers rather than restricts you.

We are happy for to use only those services you really need. We are always welcome requests and advice on how we can make things better.

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