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Property Management Software Plans and Options 

Our comprehensive range of solutions offers everything you need to professionally manage your vacation rentals.
Click the tabs to see solutions by plan type. Integrated websites and channel manager are offered separately. 

Reservation Manager

Manage quotes, bookings, payments, calendars, communications and documents – all in one place. Our Reservation Manager integrates with your entire workflow, delivering unbeatable control and versatility over your operations.

Mobile Responsive PMS

Few PMS providers offer a comprehensive mobile version of their platform. Whether you manage 5 properties or 500, 365Villas puts leading PMS feature-functionality in the palm of your hand.

Performance Analytics

Get to the heart of what’s working and what’s not with graphically presented Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  to help ensure your efforts are informed and geared towards continually improving your business performance.

Unified Communications

Our Integrated Communications lets you communicate with guests via email, text messaging, Airbnb Messenger, and WhatsApp (coming soon). Everything is managed in one Unified Inbox and seamlessly integrated with the rest of your workflow.

Payment Management

Flexibly customize payment schedules and policies. Use payment status icons, filtering widgets, reports, and automated reminders to stay fully informed. Powerful tools and automated features make payment management a breeze. 

Inquiry Management

Instantly generate customized quotes, rental agreements, and email responses on-demand. Use our visual editor, email templates, short-codes and other tools to integrate text, graphics, online payment options and more, as standard.

Integrated Email

We’ve got more than just an industry-leading Unified Inbox. Our purpose-built email platform integrates email and other communication mediums with your entire workflow. This powerful approach to integration helps us more than twice the multi-tasking capability of most systems. 

Email Templates

Extensive scenario-based templates are fully stocked with pre-set content for use out of the box. You can also create and store an unlimited number of customized templates. Configure Pay Now buttons, Digital Signature links, social media icons, document attachments, and your own stylized professional graphics as desired.

Automated Messaging

We’ve got Automated Messages for virtually every occasion. What you automate and how you do it is up to you. Each message has default content for use out of the box or to tailor as desired. A master dashboard lets you centrally administer your automated message settings.

Rental Agreements

Enjoy all the benefits of professional, fully customized rental agreements – with none of the work. Agreements can be created, sent, stored, and updated – all automatically in accordance with your settings and actions in the system. 

Digital Signature

Enable guests to sign their agreements digitally. 365 updates the guest file and relevant reports when they do. Our in-house solution is more cost-effective solution and offers a more integrated user experience for guests than Docusign or other third-party offerings. 


Instantly generate customized invoices for guests, owners, and vendors. Branding, color-schemes, and content are fully configurable. Invoices update themselves whenever there’s a change. They can be pre-set by scenario to be automatically attached to outgoing guest communications or added on-demand as desired. 

Business Reports

Professionals need professional reporting. From quotes and bookings to payments, taxes, commissions, housekeeping, maintenance and more, reports are generated for you. Customize filtering, make changes, add notes, download into Excel and print or email straight from your screen. Say goodbye to manual reporting forever.

Dynamic Report Builder

This industry-first lets you create and store your own customized business, accounting, staffing reports. These are then maintained in real-time. You have near total control over structure and arrangement, filters, and data points tracked. Why spend time worrying about whether rigid reporting of other providers can work for you when you can dynamically build your own reports with 365Villas? 

Integrated Accounting

Most PMS systems don’t offer a proper built-in accounting option. With 365Villas everything’s built-in. You have an extensive range of accounting tools, including an expense manager, commission and tax reports, profit-loss statements, basic cash-flow and Trust Accounting and more. Crucially, unlike generic accounting platforms, everything has been purpose-built for the vacation rental industry.

Marketing & CRM

Whether it’s promo codes, discounting solutions, intelligent contact database functionality, or precisely targeted direct mailing campaigns  it’s all here in our Marketing & CRM bolt-on option. We provide professionally designed marketing campaign templates out of the box, which you can customize for your needs. System tags for guests, owners, bookings and properties provide added power and flexibility, as does our MailChimp integration option.

Booking Engine

Where most PMS systems offer limited choice and flexibility, our Booking Engine option comes not with one, but three entire calendar and online booking suites to choose from. This ensures you’ve got more design choice than you’ll find anywhere else. Every asset is mobile responsive, has different format sizes and styles available and comes with flexible color-scheme and settings controls.

Search Engine

Few PMS providers offer a stand-alone search engine option out of the box for those with their own websites. 365Villas is the exception to the rule. Our search engine is highly customizable and, of course, fully mobile responsive. Naturally, you can also get a complete website solution from us, but with 365Villas the choice is always yours. If you prefer to continue working with your existing website – you can!


Online Payments

Enable guests to seamlessly pay with any major credit card. We’re integrated with over 30 payment gateway providers, including Stripe, Authorize.net, WorldPay, PayPal, First Atlantic Corporation (Caribbean), PayFort (Middle East) and PayGate (South Africa) and more so wherever you are in the world, we should have a solution for you. Prefer a different payment provider? Why no reach out for an integration quote?

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Create unique logins for individual housekeepers and maintenance personnel. Permissions are purpose-built for each role and customizable by individual. Simply assign the desired properties to the corresponding user profiles. Automated messages let you notify staff of scheduled, pending, changed or cancelled jobs.

White Labelling

Overlay your brand on 365 generated rental agreements, online payment pages, invoices, reports and Owner Login pages.

User Rights Management

Add an unlimited number of users and control their access credentials. Decide who sees what and what they can do, from handling bookings to viewing reports and accounting, making settings changes and more.

Owner Statements

365Villas offers the most powerful and flexible owner statement solution in the industry. Our Owner Statements are fully configurable and because everything’s automated, even small agents will save one to two days in back-office work per month. Larger portfolio managers will save a week or more. When used in conjunction with our Invoicing and Trust Accounting the productivity gains are even greater.

Owner Login

Our Owner Login is fully configurable and supports multiple properties. Whether it’s simply blocking their calendars, making bookings or accessing and reports or accounting tools, you decide what each owner can do. Owners can even be given access their own calendar sync and online booking, which can make them happy while routing bookings back to you.

Trust Accounting

Our accounting module is used to track owner monies in individual trust ledger accounts within your 365villas account. It is used administer and verify at any point in time the total surplus or deficit of an owner’s money on account. It can be used for owners with one property as well as those with multiple properties.

Lead-time Pricing

Automatically apply algorithmic discounts in 365, based on vacancy status versus booking lead-time. If your property is booked, no discounts need apply. If you use the Channel Manager, you’ll be able to push these discounts out to all your channels automatically as they kick in.

API Access

Large property managers with modern stand-alone websites, can use our API to protect their investments and bring them to life. Our API enables your developer to implement our logic directly onto your designs, whether it’s calendars, online booking, search engine logic, and property related content such as photos, rates, amenities and policies and more.

Auto Responder

The Auto-responder responds automatically to inbound inquiries from your 365 website and most inquiry-based channels with detailed quotes, personalized emails, custom rental agreements, online payment options and more. Run it 24/7 or just when you are off-line. Why wake up with inquiries to answer, when you can wake up to inquiries answered and booked?

Quote Chaser

Like the Auto-responder, the quote chaser eliminates work and increases conversion rates. It sends follow-up messages to inquiring prospects who haven’t responded to quotes you’ve sent. You configure the messaging schedule and number of attempts. Prospects will think you’re personally emailing them. If they respond at any point, the chaser stops sending them messages.

Multiple Languages

Interchangeably support guests in up to any your six Roman character languages of your choice across all guest-facing tools, including booking and search engines for your websites, email templates and automated messages, quotes, rental agreements and more.

Multiple Currencies

Create and manage individual quotes, bookings, reports and accounting in any currency you wish. Choose between real-time API generated exchange rates or set and fix preferred rates yourself.

WordPress Plugin

Those with WordPress experience or access to their own developers can integrate their stand-alone WordPress website with our software using our WordPress plugin. Our Booking Engine, Search Engine, and Reviews Module are included in our bolt-on option as a bundle.

Review Module

This module can integrate with your stand-alone website to provide guests a way to post reviews, which can be set to published automatically or held for your approval. Include Call-to-Action buttons in your ‘Thank you’ automated message to systematically solicit reviews from your guests.

Arrival Form

A simple online experience where guests provide any info you require, such as photo ID, estimated arrival times, and special preferences. You provide any special instructions or advice. Automation helps throughout.

Revenue Management

Our in-house Lead-time Pricing bolt-on option lets you automate progressive discounting as time to vacancy becomes shorter. We are also integrated with PriceLabs for real-time market-based algorithmic Revenue Management Solutions. For this, our Pricelabs bolt-on option and a direct account with Pricelabs are required.

Third-Party Solutions

We are integrated with a large and ever expanding list of complementary solutions from other leading providers in the industry, as well as over 30 different payment gateways around the world. Click here to see our current list of integrations.

Advanced Payment

This bolt-on option is supported with Stripe, Authorize.net and close to 20 other integrations, records payments automatically, enables auto-debiting of second payments, and lets you place holds, and make debits and refunds straight from 365villas. 

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