Top Ten Technology Tips: Don’t let spam spoil your sanity
Posted on June 17, 2016 by villasAdmin

Tip Five

Embracing technology has many perks for rental businesses, but whenever email is involved SPAM can eventually become a problem. An unfortunate annoyance of the digital revolution! 365Villas users have been able to integrate email with the rest of the reservation management process for years – allowing users to continue to use their pre-existing email addresses if they choose to. While this flexibility provides a seamless transition from manual email to integrated rental software, before now it hasn’t solved the problem of SPAM.

That is where the new updates to 365Villas can help. We are delighted to announce our new anti-SPAM solutions, including a new SPAM designation button legend and a configurable SPAM filter under the My Account menu drop-down. This allows users to configure and manage anti-SPAM settings as they like, meaning you don’t get bogged down by SPAM and can use your time more efficiently.

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