Top Ten Technology Tips: Cost effective and secure online payments
Posted on June 17, 2016 by villasAdmin

Tip Seven

Not only should you be using technology to improve your online bookings process, you should also embrace online payments as a safe and fast way of transferring and receiving money. Using online payments can help to vastly simplify your payment process, reducing the processing time as well as costs and errors, and increase bookings substantially. A big advantage is the fact that payments can be made 24/7 and that online payments are of course very convenient and reassuring for the prospective guest.

365Villas has been integrated with in the North America, Europe, and Australia as well as PayPal and worldwide for some time. is proving to be very popular and cost effective for many users. It is also available in more currencies and countries than any other payment gateway and merchant account provider we know. We don’t get anything when you use it – we’re just letting you know. When you upload your details for any of these providers in your Payment Methods page, beautiful modern icons will appear in your outgoing quotes and emails to give your customers peace of mind and promote the professionalism of your property let.

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