Top Ten Technology Tips: Compilation
Posted on June 17, 2016 by villasAdmin

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been posting the 365Villas Top Ten Technology Tips. As well as helping owners and agents use technology in the most efficient way for their rental property, we also unveiled some of the great features that 365Villas can bring your business. For your convenience we’ve compiled all the top technology tips below, we hope you find them useful!

Tip One: Use technology to reduce your workload

Tip Two: Choose your rental software carefully

Tip Three: The advantages of online booking

Tip Four: Learn to effectively follow up your quotes

Tip Five: Don’t let spam spoil your sanity

Tip Six: Choose a software that enables you to use multiple listing sites seamlessly

Tip Seven: Cost effective and secure online payments

Tip Eight: Avoid double bookings and stop wasting time – sync your payments

Tip Nine: Combine your emails and contacts to create one hassle free account

Tip Ten: Why press five buttons when one button will do?

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