Top Ten Technology Tips: Combine your emails and contacts to create one hassle free account
Posted on June 17, 2016 by villasAdmin

Tip Nine

When HomeAway, VRBO and FlipKey initially stopped delivering guest email addresses with inquiries, it caused a lot of headaches for you and for us. The 365Villas platform has been enhanced to enable you to continue to work with any or as many listings sites as you choose, while working the way you want and protecting your business independence as much as possible.

If your provider works like FlipKey and will only provide guest email details inside their application, 365Villas will let you hotlink directly there, collect the information and seamlessly continue to respond to your inquiry independently.

If your provider always keeps guest email information anonymous at the inquiry management stage, perhaps like Airbnb or HouseTrip, your 365Villas account can now seamlessly integrate with these anonymous email systems. This enables you to still get all the best practice benefits of having copies of your emails all in one central place, and integrated with the rest of the booking management process for each and every guest, regardless of the listing site they may have come from.

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