Top Ten Technology Tips: Avoid double bookings and stop wasting time – sync your calendars
Posted on June 17, 2016 by villasAdmin

Tip Eight

If you’re using and taking bookings from multiple listing sites, you’ll need a single calendar that controls them all. This way double bookings become impossible, need for repeated calendar updating is eliminated and average inquiry value (likelihood of conversion) increases, saving you the hassles of having to tell prospects the dates they want are taken.

At 365Villas we have integrated iCal with our platform, which means users can now sync their calendars for free with over 25 listing sites world-wide, including Airbnb, FlipKey, Holiday Lettings, Wimdu, and House Trip.

We retain our proprietary calendar sync platform, which supports an even wider array of listing sites, including HomeAway brands (for users with five or more properties.) Our free and paid calendar sync options make the 365Villas platform one of the most comprehensive and flexible calendar solutions on the market.

Finally, since the 365 calendar practically updates itself based on the emails you send your guests, no other provider is better placed to eliminate calendar updating all together.

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