Top Ten Technology Tips: Are you effectively following up your quotes?
Posted on June 17, 2016 by villasAdmin

Tip Four

Last week we discussed automated and scheduled messaging. We know from talking with many of you, that very few owners and even agents consistently follow up on quotes they send to prospects who don’t respond back. With the 365 Quote Chaser, our users can outsource this task work completely to their software. Most users notice an immediate boost in their already high conversion rates.

The Quote Chaser can automate follow-up messages to prospects you haven’t heard back from, using system default content or your own. Settings let you send up to three times and pre-determine scheduling. Quote chasing stops also automatically when you hear back from customers. The 365Villas Quote Chaser is available to Premium and Professional users, and is a fabulous way to keep your property or portfolio top of mind, and further improve conversion rates, without actually doing any extra work.

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