Delivering a Great Guest Experience: What Do They Really Want?
Posted on June 17, 2016 by villasAdmin

Great keynote presentation today in Dublin from Niki Christian Nutsch of Booking Staff to open the Vacation Rental Managers Association’s 2015 European Seminar for Rental Professionals.

Greetings from the Vacation Rental Managers Association’s (VRMA) 2015 European Seminar for Rental Professionals in Dublin where 365Villas are currently soaking up the knowledge from the industry.

Today saw a great keynote presentation from Niki Christian Nutsch of Booking Staff, who talked comprehensively about delivering great guest experiences. Below, we’ve listed a few of the points we found to be of particular interest:

  • Your product is not your property but the experiences and memories you are enabling
  • As owner managers and distribution channels have become stronger, property managers are finding themselves squeezed in the middle – selling experiences and connecting travellers to special features of the localities as opposed to just properties is a key niche that property managers are uniquely positioned to capitalize on
  • The average traveller will compare 6-12 properties before booking (PhoCusWright)
  • 53 per cent of travellers will not choose properties that have no reviews (PhoCusWright)
  • 80 per cent of travellers will read 6-12 reviews before booking a property (PhoCusWright)
  • Satisfaction of customers = Guest Experience / Expectations
  • Don’t over set expectations – set the right expectations for the property in question to ensure you attract the right guests for that property
  • Research shows that people are more likely to punish bad experiences than reward good ones. Focus on getting the basics right.
  • Basics are not a negative, they are fundamental and getting them right is more important than trying to delight. Examples include:
    • Updated calendars
    • Rapid professional responses
    • Websites that are easy to navigate
    • Booking that works and is easy to use
    • Failure to focus well on these touch points pushes customers away!
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