Cloud-based Rental Management Software

365 has comprehensive software solutions for all aspects of your short-stay rental property business. Whether you're an individual owner, small portfolio manager or large agent we have a tailored plan for you.

Inquiry Management

To maximize conversion rates your inquiry responses need to be accurate, concise, comprehensive, professional and personable - and lightning fast, too. Consistently meeting these common sense standards is impossible with the tools you use, and this costs you time and money in the form of lost opportunity. With 365villas, detailed quotes, professionally customized rental agreements and scenario-based emails are all done in seconds. You can even automate the whole process and still maintain the highest possible service standards.  Powerful inquiry management tools are your first big step to achieving peak occupancy and reducing your work, and they are something most property management software lacks. 

Reservation & Payment Management

Quotes move seamlessly to tentative or confirmed status based on emails you send. Guest folders colored by status, payment status icons, calendars, reports and accounting are all generated and updated automatically. Emails you send AND receive magically thread in their respective guest folders. New messages move guest folders to the top of your pile and can be set to forward right to your smart-phone for instant viewing anywhere. Everything can be done in just a few clicks.

Fully Customized Rental Agreements

Imagine all the benefits of professional agreements customized for each and every guest without any of the work required to produce them. While you have ultimate control, your 365villas rental agreements will automatically create, customize, update, and file themselves. Professional users can fix electronic signatures and incorporate white label them with their own branding.

Email Integrated Your Way!

Simply put, no other software provider lets you integrate email as powerfully or as flexibly as 365villas. Whether it’s using your own domain, threading all your inbound and outbound messages in their correct guest folders, conveniently displaying guest details, booking and payment information and calendars all on the same page as each and every message you view, or integrating all aspects of guest communications with the rest of your rental management workflow, 365villas is the only one that can do them all. Our integrated email is a key differentiator, which helps us deliver up to twice the productivity gains of our closest competitors.

Guest Communications Platform

With integrated email in place, the next step is to ensure your message content is in order. 365villas has scenario-based Email Templates for all aspects of the reservation management process. You can even create an unlimited number of your own. We’ve also covered all the bases on Automated Messages, which remain firmly under your control at all times. With 365villas, guest communications becomes effortless, errors disappear, and customer service improves. Not only will they save you time, our unique auto-quote responders and quote chasers can help improve your conversation rates significantly, too.

Online Booking

Our simple three-step online booking is powerful, flexible and reliable. It's fully mobile responsive and comes with several different color options to choose from. Guests can see and agree terms in a single click, configure optional services on demand, and effortlessly switch between properties. Online booking comes with any 365villas website, or you can install it on your own stand-alone site at no extra charge. Seamless integration with online payment solutions from, PayPal and Stripe is a breeze.


With 365villas, your reports will be just like the ones you probably have in Excel today, except they’ll be neater, more extensive, and always up-to-date. Whether it’s quotes, bookings, expenses, taxes, housekeeping or just about anything you can imagine, 365villas creates your reports for you, freeing up time so you can focus on strategically growing your business and providing first rate customer service. All reports are configurable, downloadable into Excel for further analysis, or ready to be emailed - all in a click or two.

Integrated accounting

Few property managers using manual tools have a truly good grasp of their accounts, and few property management software platforms have good accounting packages. As for stand-alone accounting solutions like Quickbooks or Xero, they're powerful tools, but they weren’t developed with the vacation rental industry in mind, and they don’t integrate well with the rest of your workflow. Our accounting module is comprehensive, purpose-built for the industry, and seamlessly joined-up with all aspects of your business. In addition to budget, cash-flow, commission, expense and tax logic, 365villas is the only platform in the industry that comes with complete Profit-Loss management capability.

Online Payment Solutions

If you're still not offering credit card payment options for your guests, you're missing out and we can help. Already up and running? Great! You can integrate your 365 account with PayPal, or Stripe, and the list is growing. Got a different favorite? We'd like to hear from you. With our software icons and online payment links for PayPal and all major credit card providers can automatically insert in your quotes, emails, and rental agreements. Professionals can brand everything their way.

Get Your Website In Order!

Every day we hear from people just like you who are either trying to run a modern business on an old website, or who have struggled to navigate the challenges of creating a new site on their own with decidedly mixed results. Some already have great sites they are happy. Othersare just starting out. Regardless of your situation we can help. We can integrate availability calendars, online booking, and property details straight from your 365villas software with any website, we can help you get started with a budget starter-site, or we can have you up and running in under a week, with modern, elegant, high-performance website built on WordPress which integrates fully with your 365villas account. Want a fully customized site from scratch, we can help with that too. In all cases we take the worry away, and provide cost effective solutions tailored to your needs for purchase or as part of your subscription. See our Websites page for more. click here

Excel & CSV Compatibility

Excel changed the world but it wasn't built for rental management. 365 does what you do in excel - automatically for you, but it doesn't stop there. Got a few or even tons of pre-existing quotes, bookings and contact details on Excel? Just load 'em up and start putting 365 to work immediately. By the same token everything in your account is downloadable back into excel. For added peace-of mind, you can even set 365 to periodically send you back-up spreadsheets just like the ones you use now - except neater, more complete, and up-to-date. It's another free service you'll only find at 365.

For Agents - Large & Small

Calling all agents - large and small! Let us help you move your business from status quo to status super-star, through best-of-breed technology, unrivaled afforability, and relentless support. Large agents shouldn't endure complex legacy systems any longer and smaller agents don't have to face the crippling expenses normally associated high-end functionality. By going further than the competition in exploiting the potential of cloud-based architecture, we've tackled these challenges head-on! 365 delivers world-class agent-grade features and makes them easier to use and more affordable than other providers.

Serious Agents Need Serious Software -

Our passion for your success doesn't stop with great software, it extends to providing you with great service and support, as well as a wide array of complementary resources, advice and solutions to help you.

Owner Login Module

Our Owner Log-in is much more than just a powerful, seamless and secure way for your owners to access info. It's a customizable tool you can administer to support your offer strategies. Just want to enable an owner to block their calendar for private use? You can! Want them to be able to access professional reports? No problem! Accounting tools? Its a breeze! You can even extend our services as your own for things like calendar sync, online booking, and owner websites, which can be set to drive inquiries back to you, so everybody wins.

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Stay in sync with your contractors and housekeepers. It's all here at no extra cost. With 365, large agents no longer have to endure complex systems and smaller agents no longer have to worry about affordability. Instantly create partitioned third-party access that keeps sensitive information private and secure. Then sit back and watch as communication flows and efficiency soars.

Fully Customized Agreements

Premium and Professional users can enjoy fully customized and professional rental agreements that are automatically generated, with guest specific content, and optionally attached to any outgoing message. Our agreements file and update themselves as you progress through the booking process. If you're on the Professional plan, you'll be able to fully brand them with your logo, colors, and banners etc, and store electronic signatures in your settings. With 365, can never have to create, edit, proof-read, file, update or lose a rental agreement again, not to mention endure looking unprofessional by not having one.

Multiple Users

Whether you're a small operation or you've got a hundred staff, create dedicated usernames, passwords, and email addresses as needed. This lets you to give your guests the personal touch, while enabling any team member to seamlessly pick up where a colleague left. It also provides you with an audit trail of who did what. Everything is controlled by the primary administrator in your operation.

Agent-Grade Websites

You've been talking about what you can't find anywhere and we've been listening! You want built-in SEO that's effective and easy. You want prospects to be able to instantly find properties from your homepage. You want embedded micro-sites for each property. You want prospects to be able to see calendars, contact you and book every which way they look. You want control and the ability to be able to update everything in one place. You prefer not to have to pay someone upwards of $3,000-$5,000 to get these things, and you don't want hefty ongoing premiums for the privilege of using them. Ask us about our Website 3.0 program for agents. We're offering extremely competitive terms for a limited time only while this trail-blazing solution platform is in beta.

Website services

In addition to having the industry’s only truly professional and truly independent Free / Premium website platform we have a dedicated team of experts whose mission in life is to build fabulous websites. If you’re an agent looking to modernize and add more functionality to your existing site, we can help. If you’re looking for a complete new build from the ground-up, we can help!

Depending on your package and option selections, feature functionality is practically endless:

Flexible control Flexible control

Whether it’s rates and seasons, deposits and payments, or taxes and services, 365 let’s you do things your way and still delivers all the benefits of purpose-built software. The same is true with currencies, email, rental agreements and so on. Find something we missed? We'd love to hear how we can help.

Guest Communications Guest Communications

Integrated email, email templates and automated messaging come together to give you an all-singing-all-dancing guest communications platform. All content and settings choices are yours, including whether to use your own existing email address(es) or create new ones in your 365 account.

Automated Reports Automated Reports

View and tailor reports for quotes, bookings, housekeeping, maintenance, taxes and all your accounting needs - all in just a few clicks. See reports by individual property or across your portfolio. Print or download any of them into Excel in a single click. Never worry about updating in Excel again.

Integrated Accounting Integrated Accounting

A new user once asked us – “Do I need a separate bookkeeping software for my booking software?” Not with 365. Whether it’s budget planning, expense management, taxes and profit-loss statements, it’s all there, and all downloadable. So you can get it over to Quickbooks or wherever, if you really want to, but you don’t have to!

CalendarSync CalendarSync

Updating calendars yourself leads to human error and is a poor use of your time. Your 365 account comes with free iCal integration for Airbnb, Flipkey, Holiday Lettings, HouseTrip, 9Flats, Windmu and dozens more - starting at one property on up. We also offer a paid option for those with 5 or more properties wanting to sync with HomeAway group.

Online Booking Online Booking

Online booking solutions are common, but far from equal. We offer a fresh and modern look and feel, with elegant and professional functionality. Don’t let your business fall down on the first hurdle. Our industry-leading online booking solution that makes it easy for your guests to book – and it’s free with your subscription.

Simple, compelling, complete. Everything you need to manage your entire rental business all in one place

365 has helped us fix all our rental management issues, make our business more secure, and achieve huge administrative time savings. It has been a real route to optimisation and strengthening links with our guests.
Yves & Christien Mercier
Rix Mill, Burgundy, France

Life changing stuff. I looked closely at Kigo and a lot of other software, and beat them all. It's easier to use and the integrated accounting is perfect for my needs. The website platform is also awesome especially for someone like me who is far from being a geek. I had some questions in the beginning and they were available on Skype or by e-mail with swift responses. I was doing my book keeping in my Iphone's Notes app but my business grew rapidly and I just couldn't keep track of everything any longer. Now it's a breeze! Thanks 365, you made a difference in my life and economy!

John Vanderhoff
Phucket, Thailand

We've been using for nearly one year now, and are extremely happy with the software. It was a big jump for us and our 11 condos to abandon our excel spreadsheets and email platform and actually move in complete reservations and CRM system. We are extremely happy we made the jump! So much so we are introducing it to our more than 200 owner customers at

Matt & Bonnie Pauli,, Maui, Hawaii, USA
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