Cloud-based Vacation Rental Software

365 has comprehensive software solutions for all aspects of your rental property business. Whether portfolio is large or small we can help.

Booking Engine

A good booking engine for your website is essential. The 365 booking engine consists of powerful search functionality, availability calendars, online booking and more. You have control over color schemes for everything. Each asset is configurable, fully mobile responsive, and comes with different formatting options. Together, they make it supremely easy for prospective guests to quickly find what they're looking for and book.

Reservation Manager

Inquiries, bookings, calendars and payments are all managed seamlessly in one fully integrated user experience. Two-way calendar sync with over 40 channels comes as standard. The 365 Reservation Manager is among the most powerful and comprehensive in the industry.

Dynamic Pricing

Automatically apply rules-based discounts in 365 and push them out to all your channels based on vacancy status and booking lead-time algorithms. If your property is booked, no discounts need apply. If it’s not, discounts will be implemented in accordance with your settings preferences.

Integrated Email

365 lets you automate and manage many complex tasks simultaneously, with total ease and control. We email platform can integrate with your channels, your website, your external email, and your entire rental management work-flow; providing you more than twice the productivity gains of other leading vacation rental software providers.

Unified Communications

Unlimited email templates, automated messaging, sophisticated auto-responders and powerful substitution codes all work in tandem so you can manage communications with flawless precision, in a fraction of the time compared with stand-alone email platforms.

Rental Agreements

Subscribers can upload and store their own agreements or use our integrated rental agreement feature. 365 can automatically generate professional rental agreements that fully comply with your policies and are unique to each and every guest. Integrating your branding and signature is easy, and your agreements will automatically update and file themselves whenever there’s a change.


A professional business needs professional reporting. From quotes to bookings, housekeeping, maintenance, check-in/check-out and owner statements, everything is done for you. Filters and widgets let you quickly customize views, make changes, download into excel or print or email directly.

Integrated Accounting

If you’re too busy to manage your books properly, you’re losing money. If you’re busy because you’re managing them properly, you’re losing business. 365 eliminates this dilemma with integrated tools and reporting for budget planning and managing expenses, cash-flow, taxes, commissions, profit-loss statements and more.

Online Payment Solutions

Offering easy and seamless online payment options to your guests is a business essential. We can help in a variety of ways. See our Payment Solutions page for more. 

Excel & CSV Compatibility

New users can quickly upload all their contacts, quotes and bookings straight into their accounts. With 365, everything's downloadable too, including your quotes and bookings, contact details, and all your reports. This helps when you want to share and manipulate data in other formats. It also means your data really is yours. If you ever decide to leave us, you'll be able to take it. 

Property Management

365 has flexible housekeeping, maintenance, check-in planner modules and login features. Access is fully configurable and reports can be quickly and easily filtered by support staff and viewed for across any combination of properties.

Owner Module

The 365 platform leads the industry with its owner statements and owner login features. Login privileges are fully configurable; as are automated booking and cancellation email notifications. Add our Trust Accounting module and you’ve got a complete set of owner management tools that simply can’t be beat.

User Rights Management

Create as many unique login credentials as you need. Control who among your employees, owners, housekeepers, maintenance and other local support staff can access what.

White labeling

Rebrand our software to make it look like its yours and make as many changes as you need to adapt it to your business.

Customize our PMS with your own brand, logo and identity, allowing your customers to associate the product with your agency.

Trust Accounting

This accounting module is used exclusively for management of owner monies into individual trust ledger accounts. It conforms with industry standards and is used to administer and identify at any point in time the total surplus or deficit of an owner’s money on account.

Digital Signature

This fully integrated and seamless user experience enables guests to digitally sign rental agreements. You get instantly notified and your reports and dashboard inside the 365 Reservation Manager will record the event for you.



Generate invoices and receipts for your guests and owners. Like everything in 365, our invoicing logic is integrated with everything else so the system knows what amounts to bill and does the work for you.

Document Management

365 will generate commercially-ready rental agreements, invoices and receipts automatically as required. Any time a relevant change occurs, the system will generate updated versions accordingly, so you don’t have to. All documents are automatically filed and stored for easy access any time.

Marketing & CRM

New users can easily upload their contacts and transactions. From there, as you use your account, 365 records and organizes everything. Guest folders create themselves and email, rental agreements, invoices and receipts are all automatically filed and updated anytime there’s a booking change.

Our Marketing & CRM tracks it all and makes it quick and easy to produce professional campaigns that are then precisely targeted to your audience.


Flexible control Total Solutions Provider

We are a tried, tested and respected provider across all of the major solutions areas in our industry segment, including Property Management Software (PMS), Booking Engine, Channel Management, Websites, and Payment Solutions.

Guest Communications Comprehensive Features

Each of our solution areas addresses a complex and extensive range of needs. We provide a depth and breadth of feature functionality and different options to choose from across them all. We simplify complexity without compromising on performance and each of our solutions is among the most comprehensive of its kind.

Automated Reports Ease of Use

Our user interface is modern, fresh and intuitive. Most vacation rental software is either dated and/or has an overly complicated user experience. The 365 platform is the easiest to use of the leading comprehensive providers in the market.

Integrated Accounting Value for Money

We do not charge start-up fees or transaction fees. There are no hidden costs or surprises. Training and support are free.

CalendarSync Quality of Service (QoS)

We care about your satisfaction and success. That’s why we’re fanatical about quality - from the code in or solutions, to the security of our servers and the integrity of your data, through to the free training, on-boarding support and ongoing customer care we provide. Reviews you will find of us on the internet will attest to these things.

Online Booking We're Enablers...

…not controllers. We want to advise and help. We work hard to ensure you our technology empowers rather than restricts you. We are happy for to use only those services you really need. We are always welcome requests and advice on how we can make things better.

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