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Dear User Community, These are challenging times for everyone, including us. We want to do what we can to help. We are providing advice and making additional bolt-on options that may help available at no charge. We have  also reduced by 50% all new website subscription and purchase options to help those without websites gain fuller control over their businesses at a time when this is most critical. 

Consultations and training have been made free to discuss how we can face this crisis together and how these added tools and other features in your 365villas account may help.  

We are here for YOU WITH …


We understand the critical situation many of you are in. While we have our own limitations, we want to help where we can:

Service Continuity

Rest assured, we have taken steps to ensure we can continue to provide the level of service and support you depend on. 


Our team has put together some advice and a host of free and heavily discounted offers to assist you. 


Consultations and training have been made free to all to discuss ways our feature-functionality can be put to best use in the context of the current challenges.

Letter from our CEO, Dave Payette

Click here to download the letter
Scroll down for more information on each of the above.

1. Service continuity

We have taken the necessary steps to ensure we can continue providing the service & support you depend on:

System Performance

At this time, we expect no disruption in the availability and performance of our service.


Email remains our primary support medium. For assistance, please contact us at: .

2. Advice: It’s time to rethink!

As soon as you can, be strategic by deeply rethinking your business. Use unwelcome downtime for important things you don’t normally have time to do. Be ready to exploit recovery when it eventually comes. Preparing now is the best way to ensure you are part of it when it does. Let us help you with…

Cost reduction

Use your 365villas reports and accounting tools to review your expenses and eliminate those you don’t need.

Revenue generation

Stop depending solely on large OTA’s. Having your own website channel and revenue generating tools and working with smaller OTA’s are all essential things to consider.

Business efficiency

Many users under utilize even free functionality that’s currently available to them. Let us help you get more from our system. 

Strategic recalibration

We all need new strategies. Why not have a free consultation with us to see how we can strategize together?


This crisis has proven something many already knew – over dependence on large OTA channels is a risky business strategy. Property managers need their own route-to-market, which they and they alone control. For those still without a modern website, we are offering 50% off all purchases and all new website subscriptions for the first year.

Professional Responsive Designs

Easy to navigate websites, from any device, with a host of amazing features including online booking.

Powerful Software Integration

Save time and reduce errors with real-time syncing of property information and calendars.

Training and Consultations are Now Free for All Users

We are temporarily opening up free training to everyone. Use this opportunity to make sure you are getting the most from your 365villas account. This will help ensure you are best situated to weather the current market challenges and poised to exploit the recovery faster and better than the competition when the time comes. 

Additional Assistance: 3 Free Bolt-ons

Add up to three additional bolt-ons to your account for free for the rest of this year. Below is a list of some that may be most helpful. Simply email us at and let us know which bolt-ons you would like to add.

Integrated Accounting

Now, more than ever, it’s essential to be on top of your data. Use this bolt-on to eliminate expenses you don’t need, to monitor cashflow and profitability, and help with tax filings and any government related relief programs you may have access to in your jurisdiction. 

Payment Management

The Advanced Payment bolt-on option records payments made via your website automatically, and lets you place holds, perform additional debits and refunds straight from your 365villas account.

Lead-time Pricing

Lead-time pricing enables you to automatically increase discounting as aggressively as you may need as lead-time to fill your properties gets shorter. Use it to automate massive price reductions that reflect the depressed demand.

Performance Analytics

Use our Performance Analytics to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and run vital analyses to help reduce risks and find opportunities for efficiency gains and new strategies.

Marketing & CRM

Our Marketing & CRM module enables you to exploit your contact database to create targeted distribution lists for urgent mass mailings and new creative campaigns. Send from 365villas direct to your guests or from 365villas via Mailchimp if you also use our Mailchimp bolt-on.

Other Bolt-ons

Other bolt-on options which may be of help at this time include our Booking Engine and Search Engine for those with websites that lack these features; our Digital Signature option for those looking to tighten up controls over their Terms of Service; and our CSA Insurance bolt-on for those users in the USA.

Freely Available Features That Can Help

Here is a short reminder list of features that are freely available to all users and may be useful for some of you at this time.

Email Features

Update the Cancellation template to reflect any revised policies and messaging. Remember, you can create an unlimited number of your own templates and substitution code shortcuts to help you cope efficiently with changing messaging needs.

Payment Management

The basic Payment Manager under general features is a global account tool that is available to all subscribers. This is where you can monitor and manage all your cancellations in a single place.

Business Reporting

The Bookings Report and most other reports have editable fields where you can quickly record notes. All reports are downloadable into Excel and can be multi-purposed for improvizing to meet ad hoc needs during this uniquely challenging time.

Unified Communications

We understand that this is a stressful and communications-intensive time for you, your guests, and your property owners. Managing all of your messages or as many as possible from a single place can help you handle it.

Online Payments

Relying solely on OTA’s to manage your payments is a risky strategy. 365villas is integrated with several leading payment processors. We can help you get set up with the one that’s best for you.

Inquiry Management

When the time comes, consider taking more bookings and inquiries from a website of your own rather than relying just on channel bookings. You will find powerful Inquiry Management features available to help.

Have questions or feedback? Contact us here: