Channel Manager Solutions

365 has comprehensive solutions to help you manage all your channels

Calendar Sync

Sync all your calendars on up to 35 leading channels, straight from your 365 account. Calendar sync is two-way, so you'll never have to worry about updating another calendar. Your 365 calendar automatically syncs all your channel calendars, and channel bookings sync your 365 calendar, which in turn will sync all the others.  Calendar sync comes as standard with 365villas Premium and Professional subscription plans. 

Channel Communications

The 'PLUS' in Calendar Sync PLUS refers to our integrated email capability. This enables you to manage all your communications in a single place, your 365villas account instead of having to login to your channel sites every time just to communicate with your guests. 

Channel Manager

The Channel Manager goes further than Calendar Sync because it can sync rates, policies and property information with more than 70 leading channels. 

Rentals United

365villas Property Management Software is integrated with the Rentals United Channel Manager, the largest managed distribution platform in the industry. Connectivity between 365villas and Rentals United is seamless, so you can get set up on the Channel Manager in just a few clicks. From there 365 and Rentals United support teams will assist you in connecting your channel listings.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there booking fees or transaction fees?

Why are calendar sync and the channel manager both better with 365villas?

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