Calendar Sync Plus: Two-way Calendar Sync + Integrated Email

EXCITING UPDATE: We can integrate email with Airbnb; is finally on the platform.

We've combined two-way calendar sync and 365's integrated email to bring you CALENDAR SYNC PLUS.

You can now sync calendars two-ways, seamlessly integrate booking data and communicate with guests who book through these channels - all from your 365villas account. 365 instantly notifies you of all developments, while multiple failsafes prevent double bookings. Calendar Sync Plus delivers many of the benefits of the channel manager, without the added cost. It's free with your Professional subscription.


  • Save time currently spent updating different calendars.

  • Improve listing rankings and conversion by keeping availability updated everywhere in real-time.

  • Take bookings via your channels and automatically sync 365 and all your other calendars.

  • Receive booking data directly in 365, where you can instantly integrate it and communicate with guests.

  • Radically reduce the possibility of double bookings from different sites.

  • Do it all free of charge as part of our Professional software plan.

  • Regain your sanity and focus more on strategically growing your business and enjoying life.

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How it works

  • Follow the simple calendar sync setup instructions both in 365 and in your channel listings.

  • Anytime one calendar for a property is updated, all other calendars for that property will sync.

  • Channel bookings will sync your calendars sync and booking data comes straight into your 365 account.

  • You communicate and support your guests seamlessly from your 365 account.

  • You don't have to login to channels to check bookings, update calendars, or communicate with guests.

  • Alerts keep you informed of all developments, and multiple failsafes prevent double bookings.


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Sync calendars, rates, and listings and distribute your properties to the world

The channel manager is a paid option available to Professional subscribers for a low monthly flat fee, based on your number of properties. You can then enjoy unlimited listings and bookings at no additional charge.

chanel manager

*This is an annual payment. With Rentals United there is no monthly payment option for clients with less than 10 properties.


The channel manager lets you sync your calendars, rates tables, and much more. It enables you to manage most of your channel listings directly from your 365villas account.  365villas has integrated with Rentals United channel manager, to connect you with over 50 of the world's top channels, including all the big names.  See the right side of the info graphic at the top of this page for more information.


  • All of the feature benefits of iCal, plus…

  • Sync ALL your calendars AND listings, including rates, seasons, photos and property deails.

  • Create new free listings or migrate your existing ones.

  • Enjoy dynamic two-way calendar sync.

  • Distribute properties to any participating portals and get loads more bookings.

  • Sync with up to 50 portals around the world, including with giants like Airbnb,, HomeAway, and VRBO.

  • Manage everything directly from your 365 account.

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How it works

  • The Channel Manager is available to all 365 users on the Professional plan.

  • First ensure your 365 software account set-up is complete and your properties are fully configured.

  • Then, you will be able to instantly sync them with the Channel Manager directly from inside your account.

  • You do a one time separate registration with our
    partner, Rentals United. Select preferred portals and agree their terms of use.

  • Listing and syncing via the Channel Manager is free for any and all portals.

  • The channel manager gives you the option to add the above fees to your pricing, or have them deducted from it.

  • You can opt in and out of using any portals at anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the key differences between Calendar Sync Plus and the Channel Manager?

4) Airbnb is not currently supported on the channel manager. It is supported on Calendar Sync Plus.
5) Refer to the infographic at the top of this page to confirm which channels are supported by which platforms.

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