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Vacation Rental Photography - That's right, we're fanatical about photos. Explore this page to see why you should be, too!


Best-Practice photos are the single best way to get a rental property noticed on online listing sites. To most people that may seem self- evident and yet professional photography standards in the vacation rental industry remain relatively low.  Those with professional photos typically assume they are Best-Practice, but sadly, in the vast majority of cases they're wrong. Our industry study found that less than 5% of today's rental listings have truly top quality photos. For most, this translates to fewer inquiries, lower occupancy, and less profit.  For you, it spells opportunity, lost or gained! (Click 'start' on interactive presentation below and peruse this page while it loads.

Click here to see Part II of the above presentation.

An Industry-First Initiative From

We led a 12 month study to establish Practice a comprehensive picture of professional photography standards in today's vacation rental industry. The above multi-media presentation will show you all you need to know, but be warned, you may never look at your photos the same way again. With our findings we created Best-Practice Guidelines and Tools to help owners and agents get the best possible results from their photographers, in spite of the many challenges. We've also published a first-of-its-kind whitepaper on The State of Professional Photography In Today's Industry.

Compelled by our own findings wer'e building a global network of accredited photographers to help change an industry, one photo at a time, and offer our vacation rental software subscribers and others alternatives that are superior to what they might otherwise find on their own. If you're a professional photographer who's passionate about quality, inquire here for more information.


Why top quality photos are worth the extra cost:

Quality photos are the truest and last remaining Unique Selling Point (USP) your listings can have. Think about it - anything else can be matched or emulated, one way or another, by competing properties.  Photos are also the most attention grabbing part of a listing. A picture says a thousand words, not just about your property, but your professionalism. Prospective guests care about both and our research shows a strong correlation between occupancy and photo quality. Best-practice photos can increase annual income by 10-40%.  I.e. they pay for themselves within their first year and then again every year thereafter. Contact us to learn more..


How to find the right photographer and get the best results from them:

Your primary concerns should be about whether your prospective photographer takes an active interest in staging, uses professional lighting, and dedicates sufficient time to post-production editing, without being overly reliant on it as a magic fix. For best results, refer to our Prezi above and the Vacation Rental Photography Best Practice Guidelines document contained within,

which you can download here.


How we can help:

The already referenced presentation above and our Vacation Rental Photo Best-Practice Guidelines can help you appraise your existing photos and to get the best performance from your photographer. Unfortunately, one of the key findings of our industry study was that it is very difficult to find vacation rental photographers who embrace best-practices and truly deliver top quality results. If you're having trouble finding one where your rental is, we may be able to help. We have best-practice photographers operating in the UK, Ireland, France, and the United States, including Hawaii. For more information inquire here.




Photography: Discover how photography can make a dramatic difference to your vacation rental property business.

The problem: Poor quality photos lead to lower online conversions - fact.

The solution: Learn how to photograph like a pro - or employ someone!

How we can help: See our best practice video or contact us for recommended photographers

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